Friday, July 15, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Travel Tales Part 4

While in Montana (Chico Springs which is in Pray, Montana which is about 30 miles fr
om the mouth of Yellowstone) we stayed in a sweet lodge two nights and rustic cabins for two nights.

The lodge had enough room for the group of us and a refrigerator and stove. That was really nice since the rest of our five nights' meals came from the cooler and camp stove.

Pictured is the outdoor view of the lodge, the cabin and "the incident."

While we were all unloading and "moving" into the lodge Rob mad
e a comment about a crooked elk head on the wall. Mere minutes later, there was a crash...a mighty crash. A couple of people came running expecting to find a family member with a broken bone.

But. That's not what they found. Rob had "straightened" the elk head only to have it jump off the wall and "l
and" in his arms.

Toad-boy rushed to help his father while I snapped pictures and laugh

Rob had lots of people stare at the "war" wound that the antler made on his forehead as the Elk jumped into his arms.

Only one woman asked though. A sho
pkeeper, with a sense of humor, and a fabulous picture of a bison waiting patiently outside her door for the after Christmas sale. Paradise Gallery (I made up the post-Christmas might have been Black Friday.)

So we told her that Rob had an "encounter" with an elk. (This is not as far fetched as you'd think....there are LOTS of warnings about animal encounters in Yellowstone and lots of people who think rules apply only to others.) We went on to share the actual encounter and had a good laugh. She then mentioned that a family member worked at the resort and that she'd need to pass that story along. Ha. Ha. Good times. (Rob has fully recovered, except for a little pride, but, hey, he hardly ever reads the blog, he'll be fine. : )....