Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Peingle Bells...

Technology struck again. Tomorrow is the last chance for the current company to fix the problem. Of COURSE, since the major meltdown this morning that left me unable to even check email and drove me to complain yet again, it's been working like a dream. Now that I say that the internet will come to a sudden FREEZE mid-post. But. I'll have at least vented my spleen, I may be the only audience, but I'll have vented. 

I got my handmade gifts finished, complete and even beribboned. They will be the ONLY sort of Christmas decoration in the house until the weekend, too. Yikes. This is the least Christmas prepared I have ever felt.

There was quite a bit of crabby at my office today. I include myself in that description. I headed down the hall for a little R&R in the public restroom. I got settled in the stall, knowing that there is another person next door but not expecting anything out of the ordinary. I've vented about cell phone use in public restrooms before. You know I'm not a fan. So. All of a sudden this loud voice says. "Hi Blah, This is Blah! I'm just calling to double check and make sure you got my prescription because earlier, blah, blah, blah." My immediate dilemma? Should I just go ahead and pee, since I really have to, but, if I do, it's going to be background noise for my newly intimate stall neighbor. 


Then I'm like. Really? Why would I be concerned about being polite? So. I did my business. The toilet is an auto flush. Had no control over that. At this point, the pharmacy or doctor's office on the other end knows for certain the call was taking place in a public restroom. 

Now. Here's the rest of the yuck. She was using the phone with those hands. Did she disinfect the phone? Heck, maybe she didn't even wash her hands. 

Maybe I'm being unkind. Maybe there was some sort of reason she had to make the call while on the toilet. Like I said, I felt a little cranky. But dang. There's a long hallway, an elevator, a stairwell and the great outdoors and all of those get pretty good reception, too. Who knows. If I was thinking a little clearer at the time, I could've tried to pee the Jingle Bells tune at least.