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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Dig-Doggity Day

If something fails to make sense in this post (more than usual) it might be because I'm being leaned on by a needy big dog.

We have a visitor. Day 5 of said visitor. The girls are still adjusting. 

Meet Duncan. 

& has a dog-sitting/house-sitting side job that is booming. Duncan is part of that.  Usually she stays with to-be-sat-upon dogs and we get the girls but every once in awhile the dogs come here. 

Duncan, with his gray bouffanty Dutch boy haircut and his shifty human-like eyes is quite the character. Rob is keeping count of the times I have told Duncan that he's on my list. This is why he's on my list....he keeps stealth-pooping on my floor. 

Why stealth-pooping? Well, it would be because we will spend long, long periods of time in the great-out-of-doors, the frigid great-out-of-doors, I must say, doing all the things we think might entice him to use the said great-out-of-doors as a potty.

Until yesterday (Day 4 for those of you who are keeping track) he had only been enticed once. (So, if you are doing the math, that would be seven little piles in various assorted indoor locations.) Often those little piles are right upon returning inside after twenty minutes spent out. 

It's not the frigid temps, or the snow. I know this because he will bound and hop and play and pee with great doggie gusto. If he cowered near the door and whimpered to go in I'd assume he was delicate and couldn't handle the cold. Oh no. That's not the case. But yesterday, and so far today (well, yesterday after the early morning gift deposit....in his defense it was Valentine's Day and I guess he was feeling generous.) he has used outside four times. This is a cause for much joy. I'm sure the neighbors are enjoying the high-pitched celebrations that we've been throwing. 

And. All this "clean-up in aisle 5" business is making our girls seem like perfect, perfect doggie angels, so I guess it's win, win, win for them, too. 

Here's hoping you don't find special brown, fragrant gifts in your life today...unless they are brownies, that is.

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