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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Uber-Wife Gathers Points

Rob is kind of an outdoor Mano a Mano. Right now, as we speak -- figuratively because you may read this at an odd time of day and what I'm sharing wouldn't be true at that particular moment -- but I digress -- he is bow-hunting in 40 degrees and rain. Maybe it's warmer than 40, I'm only guessing but it isn't snow. Trust me, I know what snow looks like.

Exhibit A:

This weekend we got snow. In October. It only snows when the temp reaches freezing.

This weekend. I went tent camping with my husband.

Yes. On the same weekend it snowed I went tent camping. And hiking. Did I mention hiking?

A few of his backpacking buddies wanted to get together for a fun overnight mini-adventure and decided to ask the wives to come along. In their defense October is usually a very mild and perfect month to enjoy the slow ease into winter. But not this October. Winter happened with a vengeance.

We were an hour south of town and we didn't get the four inches of snow like we got at home. We got a smattering of flurries. But Exhibit B shows my insulated cup that held water the night before now holding ice.

to be continued......

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Kim said...

Oh Kelly! That makes me cold to think about!! SNOW in October!?


Glad I live in Alabama!!