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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Christmas Books #1

I have several Christmas books that I'm reviewing. Some of you may be looking for just such a thing. I'm going to drop in with a book review and Amazon link periodically throughout the next couple of weeks. My goal is to read every book I've committed to read and review for 2007 in 2007. I see the end in sight.

I suppose I'll post a few times a day on really crazy days. Join me. I plan to actually create a Top Ten (suppose I can narrow it down to ten? oy vey!) list of my very favorite books of 2007. Look for that over the change of year.

Since Advent in right around the corner. Here's a review of a devotional book for the Advent season. Click on the book cover should this interest you.

I'm not organized enough to participate in advent. But I like the idea. I'm all for anything that can help me to focus on Jesus and His blessings in my life and the reordering of my priorities in this busy season. If you actually participate in Advent devotions and are looking for a devotional series,you might want to look into The Miraculous Journey: Anticipating God in the Christmas Season.

I don't think think this study is appropriate for families with young children because of the subjects and vocabulary, so if you are looking for family friendly, you might want to look elsewhere. Need material for your personal study, for older children who are ready for meaty discussions on what Christ in us means and how we should respond to His birth in 2007, or small group study, keep reading.

Denomination detail: The prayer within the chapters, prior to the daily journaling section, is the same liturgical prayer. Theologically, there could be a conflict in that Bullis twice mentions receiving the Holy Spirit upon baptism. If neither of these are issues for you, keep reading.

According to a Google search Advent 2007 begins on December 2nd.

Marty Bullis has provided a slightly different slant than what I've seen in other Advent materials. His focus is less on the baby Jesus and more on the man and the God. Taking each of the twenty-eight days and tackling passages from the four gospels, Bullis gives thoughtful reflections regarding our response to Christ's coming. He covers Jesus and His relationships with His F/fathers, the time of His wilderness testing, the political climate of the day, Jesus' family tree and our humanity, among other topics.

To get even more out of this study, and it has elements of study because Bullis is obviously a teacher as he uses tools to teach and help the reader understand, commit to digging further into the Bible to enhance the short lessons. I didn't begin to grow in the Word until I began to read it. For years I fell into the trap of reading pretty words written about God's Word, but failed to read His Word on my own.

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