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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scribble and Scrambles - Just a Few Post-Thanksgiving Hints...

I've always dreamed of writing for Martha Stewart's Living....

You think this article might make the cut?

uhhh. Don't try these at home. And if you do, don't sue me.

Don't Throw That Out:
Uses for Leftover Thanksgiving Yummies.

After a week of eating home-grown sage stuffing and organic cranberry compote you may need a culinary break. But the good news is that none of the food needs to go to waste. If you are very creative, you too, can sleep guilt free tonight, bothered only by the residual reflux from your Thanksgiving gorging.

If you live in one of the cooler regions of the world you may discover that air seeps in around tiny cracks. This is where stuffing and mashed potatoes come in handy. By now they are likely the consistency of paste (yes, the kind you used to eat in kindergarten). Simply get out your spackle knife from your color-coordinated tool chest, scrape the right amount into the offending crack and voila!; money in your pocket and toasty toes.

One note. You will want to scrape this out before the spring thaw.

Are you getting low on toothpaste? Simple. Carve out your pumpkin pie filling (no, don't toss that shell) and mix it with equal parts of baking soda. Your smile will be festive through the remaining days of the holiday celebrations.

Looking for creative and inexpensive decorations? Simple. Get waxed paper and clear off a countertop. Now, melt the remainder of the cranberries. Then simply "paint" holiday shapes onto the waxed paper, I suggest Christmas balls, candy canes, Santa hats and gumdrops. Let your art dry completely and instant "earth friendly" window clings.

We can't leave out the turkey, can we? By now you've probably exhausted any edible use for turkey including pancakes and ravioli. Not all uses! Shred the remainders into a bowl. Now in an additional bowl pull together a simple pancake recipe. Mix in the turkey dregs and enough additional flour to create a cookie dough texture. Now, roll it into balls and smash onto a greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle the "cookies" with garlic salt. Bake them at 350 for 25 minutes. Let them cool and you have just turned into Fido's fairy godmother. Keep away from humans. Turkey addicts may smell the cookies baking and line up for the next serving of turkey, but these are for Fido.

Finally, I know you've been wondering about that soggy pie shell. Wonder no more. Sprinkle it will cinnamon, sugar, a hint of nutmeg, butter and crushed nuts.Bake at 350 until browned. Let cool and crush. Scoop ice cream into bowls, drizzle with caramel sauce mixed with a little leftover egg nog and top with pie crust crumbles.

Happy Holidays -- next month I'll tell you what you can do with the gross of candy canes you got at the post-Christmas clearance.


Janet Rubin said...

You are a twisted woman! I loved this. But what can I do with the vat of corn casserole my mother made me take home??

Kelly Klepfer said...


I'm sorry. Corn casserole is a toughy. I think it could be used as a dough for ornaments...or maybe...yeah...convert your car/van to run on ethanol. With a vat of corn, you're sitting on a pile o money savings opportunity.

Janet Rubin said...

Or maybe I could make candles with it? Thanks. You are the queen of craft and thrift:)

Kim said...

This is hilarious!

One practical leftover use I just discovered was this....thanks to my MIL....the hambone...put it in the crockpot with diced tomatoes, frozen veggies and other makings for vegetable soup and let it simmer all day! YUMMY!! Add a pan of good hot cornbread and you are set!!


Kelly Klepfer said...

Ham. The other, other white meat...but why is it pink?