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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Serials and Scenarios ~ Feedback

You know what feedback is...right? That horrific screechy sound that feels like nails on chalkboard. Feels like. Because it is so deeply painful. A sign that you are doing something that has attracted everyone's attention. 

Writing a book invites feedback. In this case feedback grabs attention and gives us details about what the tiny piece of the world we've touched thinks of our book. In the past couple of days I've gotten the following feedback. And what an interesting picture it is. 

Jennifer Slattery
May 9 at 11:08am
Working on some interview questions this morning, and in it, the interviewer asked what literary character I'd most love to have dinner with. Kelly, you knew who I said, right? The Ethel and Lucy of the 21st century! (I'd bring plastic flowers, of course! ;) ) #outofthefryingpan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z88w0hV074I

Here's the link to her interview. Question 5 is our spotlight. http://newhorizonreviews.blogspot.com/2017/05/q-with-author-jennifer-slattery.html

This on Facebook.

That moment when you're in the checkout lane and the older woman in front of you is purchasing silk flowers in red, white and blue and it's all you can do to not start laughing out loud because all you can think about is Zula, from Out of the Frying Pan. Thank you very much, Jayshua Porterand Kelly Klepfer!!  
I think it was national love on Out of the Frying Pan day. What did you do to celebrate? HaHaHa!

Then this in the comments on Zu-fer (Fern and Zula's blog)

I just love Fern!

And a 3 Star review on Amazon.

on May 6, 2017
I enjoyed the mystery, but it took me over a week to finish it, could have done without the senior citizens acting like hormonal teenagers. I am 78 and no one I know acts like that. ;) 

Our "negative" reviews are even pretty positive. We got one 2 star and the reviewer called it fluffy and cute. Well. Sometimes fluffy and cute is just what the doctor ordered. But I'm going to suggest you come back tomorrow for a fictionalized story that is based on a true event. A flip side to what sees as a 78 year-old who has chosen those around her very, very well. Just sayin.....

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