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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Saving Some Money

I've found a couple of Apps I've found that pay me for things I'm already buying. I'm not motivated by couponing because it's so involved. And I'm not that organized. I do like the idea of getting money back and saving money on things I usually buy without a coupon because we need or use the items. 

Ibotta is the first one. I think this will only benefit me once in awhile, but I already have $1.00 in my queue on one product that I would buy whether or not it was on sale. I also used by red card at Target and got 5% off and it didn't take away from the rebate. 

If you use my code we both win. So give it a try if you are interested. https://ibotta.com/r/i6hba

Receipt Hog gave me points for the receipt from Target that I scanned through Ibotta, too. So three benefits from one product purchase. LIKEY.

The explanation of this cute App which is super easy and earns me gift cards to Amazon or cash on money I'm already spending. :  ) Win. Win. 

I’m getting paid for my shopping with an app called Receipt Hog, and you should try it out. All you do is take pictures of your grocery receipts, and Receipt Hog will pay you. It's that simple. And if you submit receipts regularly, you can earn spins at the “Hog Slots” slot machine, where you can win more money or even have your entire shopping trip paid for! It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s free.

Plus, if you use this referral code, we’ll both get extra spins at the Hog Slots when you submit your first receipt: soy20596

So join me in earning some easy cash. You can download the app here: http://app.receipthog.com/download

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Emily said...

Thanks for sharing, every little bit helps, especially lately. :)

I "nominated" you for an award over on my blog. Just something for fun, come and check it out. Miss you, cous!