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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scraps and Snippets ~ Leftover Fun

 I had a cup of leftover vegan cheese some leftover enchilada sauce and half a package of Gardein meatless crumbles and a potluck I needed to make food for.  I didn't have enough of any of those to make enchiladas like I did the week before when our church service and potluck got cancelled, so I decided I'd combine em and smear the mixture on tortillas. For the record, the enchiladas were tasty, too. 
Granted, these aren't the prettiest roll-ups in the world. I think if I had smeared more on the tortilla they'd have been plumper and more zaftig. These were EASY and tasty used up some leftovers. 

This vegan cheese is freaky good. Check out the recipe. I'm not sure I'd change it up much, maybe a little garlic powder. It's made from potatoes, carrots, nutritional yeast, oil and lemon juice. The texture is very much like canned nacho cheese. It would be amazing with salsa and/or meatless crumble in one of those little crockpots and served with tortilla chips. 

This is Gladys' opinion, typed by her little paws --- "saq1"--- I think it's positive in nature since she did gladly lick bowls.
Regardless of what the dogs think and the maybe not so beautiful rolling job, these were tasty and disappeared from the table. I love easy tricks. 

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