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Friday, September 14, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Your Mom Called...

So. I found out something somewhat hilarious yesterday. 

But first, a little background. My dad is pretty techie. He's had a computer for a long time and does all sorts of things with it. His VCR clock. Ha. Ha. No one uses VCRs anymore...his DVD player doesn't blink 12:00 endlessly either. He's had a Blackberry for years. 

My mom, though no slouch with the computer (unless she gets frustrated with either IT or it, as in the computer....just sayin I've seen her threaten to throw either/or out the window) is a little more tech-wary.  She's become pretty computer savvy out of necessity, but.....  

The latest piece of technology that she is refusing to embrace is a cell phone. Yes. My mom has a cell phone and she could even text. Note, I say COULD. However, mastering of the DOING is going to require quite a bit of flinging phones toward glass or at least threats. For now the phone just takes up precious space in her purse. I love that my dad put in all the ICE contacts for her. And she says that if she enunciates and yells "Call ___________(fill in the blank!)" It will usually offer to call someone else. One step at a time, Mom. Ha. Ha.

But the craziest part of this whole thing is that my 94-year-old grandma now has a cell phone. 

Yes. It's true. She hates paying the rising cost of a landline just for the privilege of receiving pesky telemarketer sales calls. My dad is working on making a cell phone easy-peasy and into something workable for her. 

His work is cut out for him. I might mention that seeing and hearing are not her strengths. However, she excels at saving money and at being determined. I'm hoping this works out. I'm thinking it's pretty sweet to have a hip 94-year-old grandma packing a cellphone. I think I need to bedazzle her a sweet cell phone case. 

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