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Monday, March 19, 2012

Scraps and Snippets ~ Food Fun

Toad-boy was born on St. Patrick's day. We threw a birthday party Friday night to celebrate the event.

& and I put together the following menu. Of the fourteen in attendance all but the three of us are Vegans. I used my "hamburger crumbles" and vegan garlic mashed potato/cauliflower topping to throw together a shepherd's pie, mixing the "hamburger crumbles" with a bit of flour, a sauteed onion and some vegetable broth. I sprinkled nutritional yeast and paprika on top and it was...okay. A few went back for seconds, but it was just okay.

I made my Asian Cranberry Cabbage Slaw. That one has been tried and true. And added a little St Patrick's Cabbage with a twist.

The biggest, hands down hit of the night wasn't my recipe at all. It will become a favorite in my repertoire. If you love buffalo wings....you gotta make this. SO GOOD. (cauliflower version) My omnivore, buffalo chicken wing fan daughter-in-law loved it. Not just politely liked it, but asked for the recipe. A first since we went Vegan. She's a little trooper and puts up with all our weirdness, but this is a banner moment. She even looked at Mother. (that was the evening's entertainment.) It was a good night. Ha. Ha.

& made chocolate mint cupcakes. I thought they were really tasty, she's not a fan. And then she made a key lime parfait with homemade graham crackers. Again she wasn't a super fan. But the rest of us were impressed. The graham crackers are another keeper though. YUMMY.

Then, after a huge shopping trip to replenish food supplies on Saturday, #3 made her first Vegan cupcakes. So delicious. She did a great job...and has started a Vegan Food board on her Pinterest page.

Before grocery shopping I made a pizza. Spread Hummus (made from Peas and Thank You cookbook) with an addition of cilantro and chiles (YUM)) on the crust, covered that with tomato sauce, spinach, calamata olives and some Daiya. Nice flavor combo.

Overall, a food-fun filled weekend. And yours?

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