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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Serials and Scenarios ~ It's Not About Him ~ Michelle Sutton

About the Book (and a peek at the first chapter):

Susie passed out while drinking at Jeff’s party and later discovered she’s pregnant. She has no idea who the father is and considers having an abortion, but instead decides to place her baby for adoption. Following through ends up being more wrenching than she imagined, but she’s determined to do the right thing for her baby.

Jeff feels guilty that Susie was taken advantage of at his party and offers to marry her so she won’t have to give up her baby, like his birth mother did with him. But Susie refuses, insisting he should he marry someone he loves. Can he convince her that his love is genuine before it’s too late? Can she make him understand that it’s not about him—it’s about what’s best for her child?

If you would like to read the prologue and first chapter of It's Not About Him, go HERE.

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My Review:

In the second in the Second Glances series Michelle Sutton powers up the romance and the intense themes. With a solid Christian worldview that doesn't excuse poor choices nor pretend that they don't exist, Sutton tackles rape, pregnancy, sexuality, alcohol and the consequences of those choices/scenarios.

When the world feeds our kids and teens the fast food menu board of sex without disease, pregnancy, heartbreak and cynicism, we occasionally need a little help getting the truth across. Sutton does this with her drama-infused, angst-driven characters. Adults can talk all they want to about why teens might want to consider thinking and waiting before jumping into the deep end of the pool with everyone else, but sometimes teens need to be able to hear it from someone, even a fictional someone, who's been there.

I recommend this book with some reservation. Nothing in the book is heavier than what can be found on television, but if your teen is sheltered and used to reading gentler novels, you may want to read it first. However, if you want to fight back against the sex-saturated culture teens are immersed in, this is a great place to start.

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Kim said...

Well said, Kelly! I have donated these books to our local library. Teens need to read an honest look at these issues and realize that they have healthier, more moral choices to make. They also need to be reminded to consider the consequences.

Good review!