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Friday, August 07, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Defining Moments

EER challenged me to look up the following words:



Well...after checking a few on-line dictionaries and finding nothing even close to these two words...which I'm assuming are European in origin...I'm forced to make up definitions.

Both words were presented during an earlier post wherein I debated the joys of pleasing my bosses by my exemplary behavior vs the challenge and buzz of a good old-fashioned firing.

That said. I'm sure the word challenge is related to this post.


Pildappi n. 1)the lines formed on your face after falling asleep on your computer keyboard. 2)the form used to write-up above infraction of workplace rules.

Resheine v. 1) the activities performed to get back on your bosses' good side after receiving a pildappi warning.


EER said...

KKEEELLLLIIII!!!!!! How did you know?? I am sitting here crying because I'm laughing so hard. Thank you! Thank you! I needed that!
As I am typing, I am looking at the word D'jour. Todays secret word is "poyalin".What was your WORD VERIFICATION the last time you posted a comment? I love some of the words they come up with for word verification. I think we should start our own dictionary. Again, you amaze me. I just learned 2 new words.

EER said...


EER said...


shelby said...

hahaha! i love the picture!

Birdie said...

*teehee* You word-meister! Gorgeous pic too.

EER said...

Word d'jour : "calmorap" - I have all kinds of ideas for that one, but have to run it by the word - meister for approval