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Monday, July 07, 2008

Serials and Scenarios ~ The Edge of Recall

CFBA is touring Kristen Heitzmann's The Edge of Recall. You can read the first chapter here. You can also visit Kristen's website.

And now for my review. (Kristen has the Dregs ?'s, so we should hear from her soon.)

My Review:

This fascinating story centers around dreams, repression and fears. Symbolic of life, physical and eternal, the labyrinth is the playing field in a game of cat and mouse. Tessa, a prickly, wounded soul and Smith, a man who repeatedly wounds her, are pulled into an unwanted contest pitting them against the unknown, each other and those whom they trust.

Psychological aspects come into play often making the story feel frantic at times. I did have to suspend a healthy amount of disbelief and accept the neat sewing up of events in the end, but overall, the details made the trip an entertaining, suspenseful one.


Kim said...

You know, I noticed the "tie-up" at the end too, but didn't mention it in the review I posted. However, I do agree the neatness of the ending was kind of a radical turn of events considering the overall tone of Tessa's mental problems.


Good point! Can't wait to read Kirsten's Dregs Interview!


Heather Smith said...

Hey Kelly, long time no talk to. Things have been insane! Anyway, hope you're doing well!