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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Super Cinema Saturday ~ Expelled

My Review of Expelled:

I expected to sit through a documentary that would be a little scientific for my taste, and dry to the point that I'd zone out and visit my happy places during the inevitable lectures.

I didn't expect to experience the degrees of emotion I did or find the movie to be so well done that I only have two minor complaints.

The buzz over Expelled had me curious and wondering what kind of chopped up snippets of conversation I might run into or how many unauthorized songs and words would be within.

I'm going to start with my complaints and build on them. Some of the interviews included background instrumentals that wrestled with the dialogue, and a segment of live footage resulted in annoying choppiness bordering on motion queasiness. That's it.

Now, for the complaints of others.-- Expelled is filmed with an agenda. That's the point, ala Michael Moore and Al Gore who went before Ben Stein. And every talk or interview program, talk radio, newspaper or magazine editorial and feature, politician...well, I think you get my point. If you are enraged by the idea of someone investigating further into The Theory of Evolution vs. The Theory of Intelligent Design, this documentary will further infuriate you. If you fall into this description, I recommend you pass.

For the curious or those who wonder "why all the fuss" by all means, see it. Stein's investigation uncovers a school of thought that in the extreme and natural course becomes terrifying when compared to where we've been and what we've seen historically.

I can't imagine that the folks that Stein interviewed were ignorant regarding his stand on the issue of Evolution vs. Intelligent Design. If they were, then they didn't do their homework and maybe, in that case, should have been less forthcoming and a little more cautious with their words. And unless I missed something, exactly two lines were used from John Lennon's Imagine and the words were clearly attributed to Lennon.

There were several sections of longer interviews and then shorter one question, one answer moments with experts on each side of this huge debate able to share their thoughts and opinions. Interspersed are historical film snippets, both thought provoking and quirky, graphics and an animated cell sequence that was stunning. Stein provided a handful of laugh-out-loud moments with his quirky behavior and snippets of commentary which added a softening to the heaviness of the film's subject matter.

I thought long and hard after watching Bowling for Columbine. I appreciate Moore's passion for what he feels is wrong with America, and I was able to overlook the moments his liberalism stepped on my toes. I hope the scientific and academic communities and politically liberal will be able to do the same with Expelled.

Why on earth would anyone want to suppress science, truth or a mind that can reason, calculate and choose?


Birdie said...

I believe the answer to that is that they have an agenda that profits them whether it's monetary or self indulgent pride.
I'd like to see this one.

Dave Grossman said...

Please learn about the truth behind this movie.


Jessica said...

I saw this movie this weekend, as well.

Before I delve any deeper, I have to heartily agree with your mention of motion sickness. Granted, I get sick driving myself to the grocery store, but I thought I wasn't going to make it at times.

Isn't it hard to know who or what to believe? I noticed the comment prior to my own and felt this pang of anxious confusion - HOW DO WE KNOW WHO TO BELIEVE? That question was immediately answered as I realized that we are not called to immediately but into every movie, book, song, organization, etc that supports a Christian or Biblical viewpoint, but are only asked to believe God's Word - period.

I think it's sad that people are so scared of other ideas that such desperate measures are taken. It's sad that people who are looking for truth have their options limited from the get-go (and consequently might not ever be exposed to the truth) because someone else is scared.

Were you as floored as I was by the profound connection between Darwinism and Nazi-ism? It makes sense, but I had never really thought about it. That was eye-opening.

Kelly Klepfer said...


Thanks for the comments. I understand your moment of angst when you saw the comment above yours. I think it's the word truth that does that to us. After all, we live in a society in which that's a wishy-washy word at best.

I left Dave's comment and links attached to my review because I don't want to appear afraid or as if I'm the defender of what I believe so I must hide other opinions and facts to do it.

God doesn't shy away from questions. He may not provide the answers we want, but our reasoning or pretending doesn't confuse or dismay Him. God can handle this great debate.

Thanks for coming by, and don't hesitate to check out what Mr. Grossman provided as a link.

We're all biased. My filters are screwy and that's how I process information. But, I have an additional God-provided filter and I know a few things to be absolute truth. If believing in ONE, three-part Creator God makes me ignorant. Then I'll gladly be ignorant as I follow the God who saved my life.

Do be warned that Mr. Grossman's site does have some creative wording.

And Mr. Grossman, I appreciate your politely stated concern. I did take some time to visit, but there is much information there. So far, my opinions haven't changed, but I appreciate the passion behind yours.