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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles - Squirrel Harassment - Big Time

In my hometown we claim a special squirrel fame. Does that sound weird? Let me explain...we are one of the only natural, original homes of black squirrels. No, not grey, not rust, but black.

Because we have a unique squirrel situation, we have unique squirrel protection laws.

We are not allowed to harass black squirrels.

I don't know what squirrel harassment looks like.

However, the G.I. Joes' in the picture would be in big trouble if this squirrel's fur was a few shades darker.

I have no idea where this picture originated, but honestly, I just couldn't let it pass without comment.

The moral of this story: Hmmm. Don't harass ANY squirrels. Beware of the squirrel's revenge. Don't buy G.I. Joe action figures and leave them unattended. Keep your eyes peeled for roadkill for photo opportunities.


Birdie said...

I'd agree with the last statement, Mrs.K. I would also argue that there's a strong case here for racial/bias/prejudice/ discrimination/what-have-you. Clearly "the man" has got it out for the poor, overpopulated majority squirrels and is giving special treatment to the minority squirrels. Picket signs and T-shirts need to be made, pronto.

(I lived in Michigan once and no one told us there were black squirrels there. We were like, "Look! Oh.my.gosh! There are black squirrels running around outside honey! Look!")

Kim said...

Kelly -
This is hysterical!!! Thanks for sharing!

G.I. Joe would have to compete with the buzzards for their road kill opportunities here in AL! I've seen flocks of these huge birds feasting on deer for the past two weeks! The grass along the roadside hasn't been cut in ages, and since it's waist high, the deer are coming to the highway in record numbers! So are the buzzards!


Kelly Klepfer said...

Thanks for your interesting though slightly frightening comments, ladies.

I'll take squirrels (of any color) over buzzards any day. Shudder.

Birdie said...

Kelly, those pics you requested are up. See what you make me do? I hope you're happy. I have a "nice" image to uphold.

Nora St. Laurent said...

O.K. I LOVE THAT PICTURE!! Where did you get that? Did you set that up out side? I better not let my boys see that picture and get ideas. Ha! I LOVED THE STORY but of course I would. Keep on laughing. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!! and making me laugh out loud. I needed that.