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Monday, April 07, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - A Mother's Sigh

I find the picture of baby porcupines to be the perfect accompaniment to a post about mother pain.

A mother sees the tiny exposed tender underbelly of her child and does what she can to protect it. While the child, especially when reaching a certain age, embraces the quills and doesn't hesitate to use them.

One mother I know struggles with a child who is ill. Very ill. Tender underbelly. The same mom is fending off quills from another child who doesn't quite know how to express fear and sorrow appropriately.

Another mother has raised her family and has opened her home to foster children. After three not-so-wonderful situations she is the unpaid babysitter for a child who was returned to an unhealthy home environment. Did I mention my friend got the baby at mere days of age and had to return the child the day before the first birthday. Now, my friend is willing to do what she can to give this baby a glimpse of love and hope. The few words the child knows are crass and four letter.

Another mother just let go of a little birdie, er...porcupine, who really has no business leaving the nest. This mom envisions a whole season of hard-earned lessons for her baby.

I see this in my own set of two parents. Good grief, I have gray hair (yes, X-ta, more than 25%) yet my parents, and my husband's parents have come to our rescue, given us advice, bandaged us up and sent us out the door again. More often than not, they've nursed a quill wound before the crisis is over.

I want my children to grow up and become the potential that lurks inside of them, begging to get out. But I know that they have to find their own way to that place of wisdom and contentment.

My respect level towards the generation before mine has grown by leaps and bounds. I hope my parents can see a glimpse of wisdom and grace within me.

Pass me the bandages and quill snippers, would ya?


That Girl said...

that was beautifully poignant!
parenting isn't for sissies.

Kim said...

That makes me want to cry, Kelly!

While we're on the subject of children though, I will share that my two teens just made a profession of faith! I'm praising the LORD today and am so happy they will have Christ walking along beside them for the journey through their teen years!

I'll share too a quote my older sister shared with me after my first son was born, "The decision to become a parent is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

I'm so thankful for my kids!! Quills and all!!


Anonymous said...

Great Post!

No matter what age a child is, those sharp porcupine quills pierce the mother's heart! Sometimes, children save their most hurtful words for those closest to them. As mother's we have learned to understand that a child's anger is nothing more than an expression of hurt, fear, and frustration. We love are children unconditionally, and we will always be there for them no matter what their age, and no matter how many quills they use on us.

Thanks for the post, the picture of baby porcupines quills is perfect way to explain a mother's pain.
Sister Jane

Kelly Klepfer said...

Thanks, Ladies.

Kim, I love that quote. Not for what it means...oy...but the picture it paints.

Sister Jane, hey, how are you?

Janet Rubin said...

And it's all just a picture of God: what we do to him and what he does for us...