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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - Now I Get It.

I finally get it.
I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never been able to grasp the significance of the whole groundhog seeing it's shadow thing. Does seeing the shadow mean more winter or less?

My father, the infamous Pat, explained it to me. Upon seeing his shadow Punxsutawney Phil runs back into his hole knowing it is still winter and will be for awhile yet. He doesn't like the idea of more winter. Clever groundhog, I say, since the Pennsylvania winters are not at all pleasant.

For more amazing Groundhog facts here's the wikipedia link.

Now, if I could just figure out the reason behind the plot of Groundhog Day.


<---That Girl said...

ahh one of my favorite movies! That Bill Murray, he's a hoot.

Janet Rubin said...

Me too. I love that movie! I always get confused about what the shadow means too...