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Monday, January 14, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - Muffled Monday Musings

I hab a code.

Everything I say is being filtered through gunk. Keep that in mind in case this post rambles or runs like an out of control nose during hay fever season.
My first musing -- I love my family. We had 38 various assorted cousins/grands/aunts/uncles and other such folk over for a 90th birthday celebration yesterday.
Not mine, thank you very much!
My Grandma turns 90 tomorrow. You'd never know it to look at her.
I am so glad Rob tore out the kitchen wall because everyone congregated in the bigger, albeit a little dustier, kitchen.
Talk about a buzz of activity. It was a great get together. I love it when you reconnect with people you don't see very often. I always kick myself for letting it go so long between visits.
Second item on the musing charts.... I find it odd that I run across the word colon as often as I do. I suppose it's an obvious since I do work in the medical profession, but then in my writing life, there she blows...
Thirdly, Feral Will got a taste of the trauma he inflicts on poor Freckles. A pack of six children went on a "kitty" hunt yesterday during the birthday party. I suggested that they look in my bedroom for Feral. But rumor has it that the "moose head" on the wall bothered them. Hey. If I have to have a deer head on my wall, I should at least be able to traumatize children with it.
Speaking of children...my aunts gifted me with an odd little book when I was a wee lass. A book "written" in only single letters, numbers and punctuation. As I was driving to work one of the pages popped into my head. One child was pointing out a snake to another child. An argument over snake vs non-snake erupted. Finally, the pro-snake character threw out the proof.
C D B-D I's.
So if I think that's amusing and can figure it out, why do I have so much trouble with vanity license plates?
Have a good Monday?

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Xta said...

Truly, too much cold medication.