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Friday, November 02, 2007

Scribble and Scrambles - Crunchy Leaves and Spastic Animals

Thought I'd drop in with some animal related blogging.

How can I not? The distraction of eight pounding paws through crunchy autumn leaves is a little distracting.

Okay, so this picture is NOT Lily or Lola. If I attempted to find the digital camera and capture images of Lily and Lola flying, leaping, and galloping it would look a lot like this -.-*-, (-.-?.

I'll have to post some good pictures soon. They were taken a few hours after their "unmentionables" surgery, so far the only time we've been able to actually snap more than a lucky shot of one animal with a background blur for company or the normal double blur with random flying body parts.

But for now, I'll have to share the 45 lb "twins" favorite activities. Number one would have to be Feral Will interaction. All three animals are fascinated with each other. I.E. The puppies are supposed to be minding their master, and Feral sneaks behind said master and torments them. Think Tom and Jerry but with more chasing. Is Feral the 5 lb kitten concerned? Oh no. His favorite activity is clinging with all twenty talons and however many teeth he can sink into their loose skin and taking a little ride.

Number two...for Lily especially, is vertical jumping. Lily can gain four feet of air with just a little hop. I experienced this first hand last night when she bounced up, landed exactly in the middle of my stomach, and bounded to the other side of the couch while chasing Feral. I did mention she weighs 45 lbs, right?

Number three...that old standby, two identical toys or bones, two dogs, and the fight for the "best toy."

Hope you all have a little fun this weekend. Maybe a little chasing, some leaping or at least the best toy.

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