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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Demon: A Memoir

Click on the cover to read more about Demon.

Go here to read the first chapter.

Tosca Lee's site and an article written by her for Halloween 2007

My Review:

A couple of months ago I read the first chapter of Demon. It intrigued me and I put the book on my must read list. Then I had the opportunity to join a blog tour. The book arrived in the mail and I had to squeeze it into an already stretched reading schedule.

Upon opening it, I was pulled in and not let go until the last page, and now, I still mull over the details of this story.

There are so many wows that I can’t even begin to go into them, but I’ll try.

First, this story is fascinating. We all have spiritual awareness and curiosity. Look at what we read and watch. Even if we don’t or won’t admit that there is more to this life than birth, taxes and death, we know, deep within while wrestling with haunted thoughts at two a.m. that life is bigger than us. The premise of Demon is an angel who slipped up during worship, took his eyes off God and is forever damned. Only to witness the creation of pathetic creatures of clay who are given mercy and forgiveness and dare they accept God fully, a seed of God Himself, and his struggle with these mud creature and the God who created them.

Secondly, Tosca Lee is a talented writer. I’m amazed that Demon is a debut novel. Her descriptions, dialogue, characterization and level of tension are top notch. I will reread Demon when I have time to read at a pace where I can slow down and savor the rich sensory details.

Thirdly, Demon is haunting. I will ponder the spiritual implications of this story for a long time. If there is even a hint of truth within this story, a chance that some of what is shared about the clay beings importance to God, then maybe I need to live my life differently. Maybe I should be a person whose prayers and walk of faith make the demons uneasy.

Demon does not carry horrific or gory images, but it’s unsettling. Easily ruffled feathers might want to use caution. Otherwise, I can’t imagine someone who shouldn’t read this fascinating account of God’s story through the eyes of one of His enemies.

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Kristin said...

"Maybe I should be a person whose prayers and walk of faith make the demons uneasy."

Oh, to make demons uneasy. That is, indeed, a high calling.