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Monday, August 27, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - Beware of the Names.

I've mentioned how much I love a dry sense of humor and sarcasm.

My brother is masterful in the art of repartee.

I usually speak to him via G-Mail. I see his little circle lit up in an inviting green and toss out a hi. Or while I'm slugging away at something that seems like the thing to do to move my writing career forward... whamo! A happy little G-Mail Chat box pops up out of nowhere with a greeting from my brother.

I spied his green circle tonight and since I'm avoiding some things I should be doing I popped over to say "Hi! Lil Brudder." We chatted. He hadn't gotten the low down on the puppies yet.

Oh, by the way, the puppies have found a teeny feral kitten who has wormed his way into our house. We are foster care - but unfortunately, the kitten excels in potty training and cuteness and takes no effort on our part - and the foster thing keeps slipping further and further away from our active thought processes.

The puppies come across as liquid spewing giants in comparison to this well-behaved kitten. I will admit that the puppies are even cuter than they were when we got them.

And about as well potty trained.

I'm not kidding.

So I shared the detail of potty training kitten vs puppies with my brother. He said. "Yeah, it's not an accident that puppy starts with P and has a little pp in the middle."

Did I mention I was in a bad mood when I said hi? So I laughed. "You didn't just make that up!"

"I did. I was just thinking that all that was left is u asking y."

So trying to be clever and build on this, I said. "Good thing the girl named them Lily and Lola instead of Cappucinno and Latte like she considered."

And he did it again. "Caffeine is a diuretic, so it was a close call."

Thanks for the laugh, Lil Brudder.

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Kristi Herbranson said...

Very funny! Now you're "brudder" has brightened your readers' days as well!