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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Tangerine by Marilyn Griffith

Marilyn Griffith has an excellent last name. My maiden name.

She also inspires awe. I caught a workshop she taught at the Nashville ACFW conference. The woman is organized and made me want to be also. She seems to flourish even though being a mother of many. Check her out. Hopefully I'll post some interview Q's and A's tomorrow.

Tangerine -

Marilyn's Webpage.

Tangerine Reviewed....

Love the title. I’m sure Marilyn Griffith was going for the snap of color. But tangerine the fruit also sums up Jean, the main female character. Jean demonstrated a whole lot of sweet and mushy but her bitter/tangy skin stood in the way throughout the majority of the book.

Griffith’s third novel in the “Shades of Style” series diverse blend of characters reminded me of the Yada-Yada Prayer Group.

Both unique and common drama struggles pepper “Tangerine.” Faith is not buried, hinted at or hidden in “Tangerine.” Marilyn weaves belief throughout the lives of the characters to the point where the prayer meetings and conversations felt déjà vu realistic.

For those of you who wish Christian fiction might relax some of the standards that often make characters pious, perfect and pasty you might find “Tangerine” as real, as well, life. Struggles such as sexuality, forgiveness and prison life permeate the novel. Overcoming those issues through the grace of Jesus and the friendship of other believers is the strength of this read.

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