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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - If the Shoe Fits

Apologies to Marilynn Griffith. I left out an "N" on my previous posts. This is the FIRST mistake I've ever made since becoming a blogger : ) and hopefully my last.

MarilynN has a new Chick Lit book. Check out the link.


And the Website:

And my review of "If the Shoe Fits."

If you like feet and Chick Lit I think you’ll enjoy “If the Shoe Fits.” Should you love Christian Chick Lit with sassy point of view character with lots of faith elements thrown in -- ditto. Toss around Sistah or girlfriend or have a love for shoes, fashion design or handsome and sometimes fawning men? Find a copy.

Interesting exercise to read the story of Jean in “Tangerine” and Chelle in “If the Shoe Fits” so close together. Marilynn Griffith’s stories contain deep spiritual themes of prayer, redemption, forgiveness, sin, grace and the power of Jesus.

Chelle is a little more sassy than “Tangerine” Jean, so sassy in fact, that she manages to Tae Bo her way through some challenging scenarios. As in “Tangerine” the spiritual aspects of Chelle’s story are deep, personal and a little challenging.

I like the fact that Chick Lit can stomp on my toes just a little and make me rethink some unhealthy attitudes. Pun intended, of course. I rate “If the Shoe Fits” high in quirk, character and entertainment. High marks in faith elements. Well-written though Chelle maybe explained a few emotional moments with too much clarity.

Chelle and Marilynn would be great girls to have around when life slaps upside the head and a good book or an appointment with Ben, Jerry or Mr. Baskins is needed.

Come back Friday for more comments and sass from MarilynN.

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Thanks for another great review. Don't worry about the "n". :)