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Friday, December 08, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Scientific Poll...Vote Today!

Hmmm. I see some sort of connection here. Sue’s most vivid memory is her childhood car crash and then comes Janet with a story about her mishap.

Brace yourselves.

I, too, experienced this phenomenon.

Now, it could be a coincidence that we all three share this type of event and that we write.

Or maybe there is something to it. Could it be we each suffered a specific type of brain burp while rolling around – or flying out of – the backseat? And the result of the brain burp is the compulsion to write. Sue claims it, I know I’ve got it, and Janet…well, she even pens poems about writing.

My incident involved a trip to the hospital. My mom drove, lest you think that my dad, Pat might have a finger in all of this. I occupied the back seat of said hurtling car.

The rest of the details are sketchy. I’m not sure whether we hit something or experienced a near miss but I do remember a rapid toss to the floor. Not really the floor, more like the bag of groceries residing there. I crushed a package of Oreos.

Somehow I ended up in the emergency room. I don’t know if they thought I may have another grocery item wedged somewhere but a rather cute doctor (okay, even five year old girls notice these things. Hello! Am I right romance readers?) sliced the straps of my new tank top so they could remove it. The adorable tank top that I’d only worn for a few hours.

So how about it writers…any childhood car accidents? Do your part for science, kids.

1 comment:

Janet Rubin said...

Interesting theory, Kelly! My big sister dropped me on my head when I was a baby too. Hmmm...