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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Blog Pays Off

Who says Bl0gs are useless?

I’ll have you know that “Scrambled Dregs” has paid off big-time.

Several months ago I whined about auto-drip coffee being forever ruined after my palette found French Press.

Fast forward to the annual-post-Thanksgiving-dinner-family-name-drawing-for-Christmas-gifts event. (Yes, it’s a cumbersome title – we thought about A.P.T.D.F.N.D.C.G.E but we just couldn’t sell the concept to the majority…something to do with turkey induced lethargy, I think.) My aunt who reads my blog and remembered the whining-about-French-Press-coffee post, drew my name and… gifted me with an 8-cup French Press. Thanks, sweet, sweet auntie. (This is one of the same aunts who took me to bright blue Mt Crash-a-lot in Colorado. In hindsight posting the French Press whines followed by the four part visit to Mt. Humilation was a brilliant marketing ploy. Of course this only works for family members who’ve somehow had a hand in scarring you and who read your blog.

Hope your Christmas was a French Press kind of day.

In the near future I think I’ll be sharing some family lore – the stories that crop up every time we get together.

Heads in my freezer, dead trikes, things like that.

Maybe I’ll start my campaign for a Blackberry soon, too. My cousin/nephew and I had a discussion over some excellent ideas for blog posts and in all the frivolity I forgot the darn topics, maybe they’ll come to me, they were funny enough to spew organic jelly while laughing over them. If I had a Blackberry that would never have happened (the forgetting, not the snort/spewing.)

So how guilty do you feel over Mt. Marked-For-Life, aunties?

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Janet Rubin said...

Ooh, congrats on the coffee press! Glad you had a good one. I spent today using up my Kohl's gift cards. Fun!