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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Do Frogs Fly?

In honor of Nanny’s birthday, I’ll take another quick trip to Nannyland.

Tree Frog, aka 11 month old baby boy, is a romantic little bugger. He purchased a dozen red roses and a small frog memento for his second favorite woman in the whole wide world. Okay, maybe second place is tied, but only for peacekeeping purposes.

Tree Frog is his new nickname, adopted this weekend after the parental units of said amphibian baby read the blog and realized, yes indeed, they have a little sticky-fingered climber under their roof.

This weekend he learned to use those finger pads to escape from his walker, and master the steps.

Monday, Nanny turned around after setting him on the floor post diaper change to discover he’d, with lightning speed, climbed the bed and hovered inches away from the opposite corner. She caught him as he prepared to jump.

Tree frog buddy, not birdie.

We’ll have a birthday party for Nanny tomorrow so I’ll be away from Blogger, and I’ll post a fun minterview on Thursday.

Who knows what Friday may bring, anyone have any requests?


Janet Rubin said...

Happy Birthday Nanny!

patricia said...

are you saying happy birthday nanny like to your mom who the kid call nanny or happy birthday nanny like http://isawyournanny.blogspot.com/